Theosis (Deification) as a New Testament and Evangelical Doctrine

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Theosis (Deification) as a New Testament and Evangelical Doctrine

Goran Medved

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This is the second one of the two articles by this author, which examine the doctrine of theosis, sometimes also called deification or divinization. The first article presented theosis as a biblical and historical doctrine. This article presents theosis as a New Testament and evangelical doctrine. The first part of this article deals with theosis in New Testament theology. The second part of this article gives a proposal for articulating an evangelical doctrine of theosis. Because of its New Testament support, theosis should occupy a much more prominent place in evangelical theology.

Key words
theosis; deification; divinization; imago Dei; image; likeness; renewal; Christosis; incarnation; kenosis; identity; new birth; regeneration; unity; filiation; glorification; divine life

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